A Major Driver for Job Creation & Economic Growth

As Chair of the Major Transportation and Regional Cooperation Committee, Amy understands connections. An effective transportation network can be a major driver for job creation and economic growth in a local economy.

Those who live in Cincinnati need expanding options for getting to and from work and getting around town as efficiently as possible. Right now, there are critical pieces of the area’s transportation infrastructure that need Councilwoman Murray’s leadership:

● With the Brent Spence Bridge now carrying twice the traffic for which it was built and its I-71/I-75 merge considered one of the worst in the nation for trucks, efforts to replace one of the region’s primary means to cross the Ohio River must remain a priority.
● Additionally, the replacement of the Western Hills Viaduct, serving 55,000 cars per day, is key to moving traffic from the west side of the city, western Hamilton County and much of southwestern part of the state.
● Metro’s bus system is facing a critical juncture if they are to continue connecting many people from where they work to where they live, to schools and hospitals, and everywhere in between.
● Another piece of transportation infrastructure that will add options and quality of life to many neighborhoods across the city will be the addition of new mixed use trails for biking, walking, and jogging along the Wasson Way and Oasis abandoned railroads lines.
● Although Amy voted to stop construction of the streetcar, a majority of council chose to move forward with the project. As the appointed Chair of the Transportation Committee, she maintained that she had a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers to keep the project on time and on budget and succeeded in doing so.