As a former manager at Procter & Gamble, Councilwoman Murray understands the importance of having a healthy climate for businesses to thrive. During her tenure on Cincinnati City Council, Amy has made it a priority to ensure that Cincinnati is deliberately creating an environment where businesses can prosper and can provide hardworking Cincinnatians with jobs.

She has emphasized the need to eliminate the excessive regulation and taxation that too often stifles economic growth in our city. She also has partnered with local organizations who are industry leaders in job creation, job retention and entrepreneurship.

Since 2013, Amy has made job creation and job retention an emphasis during her tenure on Council. She has been a strong supporter of a number of efforts in Cincinnati, including investments by the following corporations:

  • General Electric
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Huntington Bank
  • Tom + Chee
  • Catholic Health Partners
  • The Kroger Company

These corporate investments  have led to the creation and retention of 5,000 jobs in the City of Cincinnati.

Whether it’s through meetings with developers trying to navigate city processes or through her role as a member of the Cincinnati Planning Commission, Amy has provided valuable leadership and support for many development projects throughout the city.

In addition to these projects, Councilwoman Murray also supported the “Hand Up Initiative”, which led to job training for 600 people and full-time employment for over 300 people.

Amy looks forward to building upon these successes during her second-term.