Amy Murray’s background as a manager at Procter & Gamble and as a small business owner taught her the importance of keeping an organization’s financial house in order. Too often, the concept of financial responsibility is lost on government. No one understands the importance of having a strong voice on Council in support of reasonable fiscal management more than Amy.

For years, Cincinnati’s city government was simply spending more money than it was collecting. As anyone with a checkbook understands, these reckless financial decisions put Cincinnati in a tough situation. Amy recognized how dangerous an unbalanced budget could be and made quick work to right the ship.

During her first six months on council, she pushed for and passed the first structurally balanced City budget in a decade. For the first time in five years, that structurally balanced budget allowed for the hiring of more police officers and the purchase of updated equipment for our law enforcement officers.

Amy was also part of a team that took dramatic steps to bring pension reform to City Hall. Their efforts addressed the large unfunded liabilities in the City’s pension program and created a long-term solvency plan. The solution was drawn up in collaboration between the city and retirees and provides accountability by a federal court to ensure its success.

In addition to these efforts, Councilwoman Murray took significant measures to rebuild reserve accounts in order to provide financial stabilization that resulted in higher bond ratings for the City of Cincinnati. These actions, along with her work to redesign a comprehensive parking plan will help the City and its local development partners with their incredible potential for economic growth and long-term revenues.