Amy understands that much of the work of a councilmember is done outside the halls of 801 Plum Street. To truly appreciate the needs of Cincinnati’s citizens, she makes a concerted effort to be involved in the neighborhoods that make up our great city.

When elected officials take office, they often forget about the people who gave them the opportunity to represent them. This has never been the case for Amy Murray. While some on City Council spent a majority of its time engaged in petty political squabbling, Amy led an initiative in 2016 titled 52 in 52, where she visited every community council to inform citizens on what was happening at City Hall, as well as to listen to the concerns of each neighborhood.

Her involvement in the community doesn’t stop with her visits to community council events. She is an influential voice in a number of organizations that bring a higher quality of life to Cincinnati, including her service on the Board of Directors for the Cincinnati Zoo, Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati, and Downtown Cincinnati Improvement District Boards. She also has served on a statewide task-force dedicated to police-community relations.