Amy Murray believes that government works for the people, not the other way around. Far too often, government operates in the shadows and that the role of an elected official should be to shine light on the work of the people’s representatives.

Councilwoman Murray’s belief in open and transparent government has led to a number of initiatives that are designed to hold City Hall accountable to the residents of Cincinnati. Most notably, she worked closely with the Ohio Treasurer’s office and spearheaded the campaign to put Cincinnati’s checkbook online at As a result of this effort, citizens now have the ability to see every expenditure made by the City of Cincinnati.

Along with her commitment to putting City Hall’s checkbook online, Amy has also worked extensively on implementing policies that bring greater scrutiny to City Hall’s contracting processes. She managed the drafting and passage of an ordinance requiring new rules to be developed that will provide a greater level of transparency for city contracts with nonprofit organizations that provide services to the local community on behalf of the city. The transparency rules will mandate a standardized and comprehensive look into the boards and budgets of the nonprofits, as well as the establishment of performance measurements for the services to be provided.
Although her efforts are admirable, Cincinnati’s city government has a long way to go. Residents need a voice on Council to advocate for more open and transparent government and Amy looks forward to continuing to be that voice.